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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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National Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award

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Since 1935, Kreider Farms has grown from over 3,000 acres, 200 chickens, a dozen cows, and assorted crops to over 2,800 acres with 6 million egg laying chickens, 1,600 cows, a milk bottling and ice cream plant, 450 employees and a public farm tour program.

Anyone who makes their living off the land learns quickly, however, that agriculture is a risky business. As a result, this Lancaster County family success story reflects a slice of the American dream achieved through hard work, persistence, strong values, and a respect for nature. A strong family work ethic, combined with an instinctual business sense, propelled Kreider Farms into one of the most successful and diversified farming operations in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Strategic diversification has helped to smooth out fluctuations in various market conditions as well as help withstand occasional extreme weather conditions. To successfully multi-task and diversify the way Kreider Farms has done over the years required something more than just hard work. It also required a basic commitment and passion for excellence. This commitment is given to everything from crop planting and processing of our farm fresh consumer products to our first rate delivery fleet.

Hard work and dedication aside, it should be no secret in life that animals (like people) are most productive when they are contented and well treated. Kreider Farms has always been a leader in the development of first rate animal husbandry care. As a result, pampered cows give lots of great tasting and nutritious milk and well cared for chickens lay lots of top quality eggs!

So welcome to Lancaster County, where business of quality starts with a passion for excellence. Welcome to Kreider Farms!

Lancaster County: Breadbasket to the Northeast

bullet Productive: The most productive non-irrigated farm land in the United States
bulletFamily-oriented: More small family farms than any county in the United States. (99% of farms are family owned)
bullet Work ethic: Strong cultural diversity, family values, and strong work ethic.
bullet Reputation for quality and craftsmanship: From agriculture to durable goods, Lancaster County has a well-deserved reputation for quality.