Welcome to Kreider Farms Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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National Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award



Our four modern egg facilities are located in close proximity to our distribution center. Clustering of our office, distribution center and production facilities enables Kreider Farms to be extremely efficient and provide excellent service. Located in the rich farmlands of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Kreider Farms is geographically positioned to service our customers from Virginia through New England. In addition, our new Mount Pleasant facility is the most state-of-the-art fresh shell egg production facility in the northeastern United States featuring an all stainless steel packaging line. Tunnel air ventilation and the daily manure removal belt system achieve superior air quality and comfort for the birds.

Our Egg Facts

 5 million laying hens
On-line computer system guarantees eggs are put in the carton the same day they are laid, and this in-line processing system can package 180,000 eggs per hour.
Fresh tastes better!


Kreider Poultry Farm

Mt. joy           Manheim
Mount Joy                                               Manheim

Middletown              Mount Pleasant
Middletown                                          Mount Pleasant

Milk Plant              Mount Pleasant
Milk Plant                                         Dairy Farm and SIlo

Farm Shop
Farm Shop

Virtual Tour

Take a tour of our egg facilities. Kreider Farms Egg Video Windows Media (8:06) 25MB

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Additional Video 

State of the art Kreider Farms chicken house featured on WGAL