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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
Lactose Free Milk

National Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award


Ice Cream

Our premium ice cream starts with the freshest ingredients and attention to detail. Rich cream from our own contented cows forms the basis for our "mix." Made in small batches to insure quality, all our flavors are hand-processed for that old fashioned 'hand-cranked' goodness.

Enjoy our tried and true flavors like French Vanilla and Coffee, or go a little wild with Caramel-Chocolate Truffle and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

Our national award-winning premium ice cream comes in 22 flavors and 7 seasonal flavors to satisfy any preference, as well as several Low-Fat Yogurt, No Sugar Added & Sherbet Flavors.

ice cream
****  Try Our New Flavor: "Sea Salt Caramel Crunch" ****
 (Vanilla with sea salt caramel sprinkled with some butter brickle)