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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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Available: March 5 - June 29 • Ask your local retailer

Kreider Farms Dehydrated Manure Blend Plus 1-1-1

Manure Blend

5 Reasons to Choose Kreider Farms Composted Manure for Lawns and Gardens:

1. Provides accurate amounts of organic nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus and potash over an extended period to keep plants healthy and green.
2. Enhances water retention, which conserves water, especially beneficial to sandy soils.
3. Helps loosen compact soil to increase aeration.
4. Produces soil carbon, an important source of energy, that makes nutrients available to plants.
5. Reduces runoff and leaching of nitrates.

Total Nitrogen (N) -1%; Available Phosphoric Acid (P205) -1%; Soluble Potash (K20) - 1%

“As the only large egg and dairy combination farm in the nation, we are able to mix 25 percent of our fresh, dried chicken manure with 75% composted cow manure for a first-class, dehydrated home and garden fertilizer.”  
                               Ron Kreider, president and CEO of Kreider Farms"

Kreider Farms Potting MixPotting Mix

Fortified with Kreider Farms special chicken and cow manure blend!

Great for:
    Starting seeds in flats
    Hanging and potted plants
    Planting bulbs

Our All Purpose Potting Mix helps your potted plants and vegetables grow faster!