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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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Kreider Dairy (Dairy of Distinction)

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With only one dairy to operate, we can do it right! Carefully controlling diet and living accommodations keeps our pampered cows happy and healthy. And if you are interested in eco-friendly and sustainable agriculture, you are going to love our “Micro-Mooery.”

Kreider Farms grows its own feed and we compost the manure which we sell off to fertilizer companies like Scotts. A stream running through one of our pastures is fenced off to keep our girls out of the water as it passes through the Chesapeake Bay Watershed on its way down to the Bay. We milk our cows three times a day and quick chill it from 100 degrees in 8 quick chillminutes to lock in freshness. Then, it’s a short ride across the field on drops of diesel fuel in our tank truck to our own milk bottling plant. (No long truck rides for our milk.) Kreider Farms delivery trucks whisk our Lancaster County Farm fresh milk off to a select group of local supermarkets and wholesale distributors. All these extra steps have earned Kreider Farms recognition as being a “Dairy of Distinction”. You'll taste this commitment to excellence in the richness and flavor of all our milk. Truly farm fresh—Kreider Farms milk is udderly delicious!

cow carousel 1,600 cows in dairy herd=12,000+gallons of milk per day
Loafing barn or "cow palace," which is larger than the Titanic
Kosher milk
Sweet, rich tasting milk without the use of artificial flavors-all it takes is a carefully designed diet
Our cows ride a merry-go-round to get milked

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Fossil Fuel Efficient (FFE)!
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