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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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June 18, 2017: Lancaster Online - Manheim-based Kreider Farms looks to grow its dairy business with new products, more capacity

Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply – Research Results

March 30, 2016: Kreider Farms receives the American Humane Association Certificate. American Humane Association, American Humane Association Certifiedthe country's first national humane organization and creator of the first and largest third-party farm animal welfare certification program, announced today that Kreider Farms has met its rigorous farm animal welfare standards and achieved certification through the American Humane Certified™ program. Pennsylvania-based Kreider Farms produces cage-free eggs that are sold under the Noah's Pride brand.          

January 2016: We are pleased to announce that our chicken feed supplier (Wenger Feeds) just achieved SQF certification.  Wenger Feeds is the second chicken feed supplier in the United States to achieve SQF certification.  SQF stands for “Safe Quality Food”. SQF This is actually very fitting.  In 2009, Kreider Farms was the second egg farm in the United States to achieve SQF certification and the first egg farm east of the Mississippi.  Now our egg farms and our feed are all SQF certified.  The feed for our birds is a key element in the overall food safety chain.  We congratulate Wenger Feeds on this important achievement.

July 2015: BRC 11 "Inside Scoop" featuring Kreider Farms Ice Cream

June 3, 2015: The Best Ice Cream The D.C. Area Has To Offer

May 27, 2015: Kreider Farms Silo Moving Day with Ron Kreider

March 2015: Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section

July 2014: Kreider Farms Celebrates National Ice Cream Month with Fox 43

June 10, 2014: A test at Kreider Farms by Bion Proves Successful. "Bion Concludes Successful Pilot of Ammonia Recovery System"

May 6, 2014: 10 Scientific Reasons You Should Be Eating More Eggs

April 22, 2014: Kreider Farms Penn Township Sustainability Park Grand Opening

April 21, 2014: Energy Efficient Solar Panels to Power Kreider Farms’ Chicken Houses

January 2013: Interesting Egg Trivia *Eggs and the Chef's Hat*

December 2013: Kreider Farms made the inside cover of the American Egg Board’s December newsletter. The article covers the introduction of our new public sustainability park and walking path with Penn Township overlooking our farmland. See a copy of the inside cover HERE.

October 2013: Kreider Farms partnered with Penn Township to develop a solar powered water well and sustainability park walking path as an educational progam. Grand Opening Spring 2014. See our sign positioned at an overlook of our farmland on the sustainability park.

September 2013: Why Eggs Are Getting Harder to Peel

August 2013: Kreider Farms announces new Ginger Peach Tea ready for distribution.

April 2013: The Coalition for an Affordable Bay Solution was formed to support the creation of a competitively bid nitrogen trading program in Pennsylvania. Read more.

January 2013: Lancaster’s Kreider Farms is successful early adopter of program
realizing remarkable reductions in nutrient and environmental impacts

October 2012: Ron & Hollee Kreider in new American Egg Board Egg Jingle

October 2012: Ron & Hollee Kreider for World Vision

September 28, 2012: A Look Inside Kreider Farms Middletown Egg Processing Facility

July 25, 2012: Kreider Farms Ice Cream Story on Channel 11 News

March 28, 2012: MarketWatch: Kreider Farms Introduces New Potting Soil

November/December 2011: Manure Magazine cover and article (News Article)

December 2011: Harnessing nutrients in Pennsylvania (News Article)

July 21, 2011: Protecting the Chesapeakpe Bay (Video)

July 21, 2011: Kreider Farms opens new Bion waste treatment facility  (News Video)

July 21, 2011: ABC 27 - Kreider Farms opens new Bion waste treatment facility  (News Video)

July 21, 2011: Philly.com - New Bion waste treatment facility  (News article)

July 21, 2011: Bion waste treatment facility - Grand opening July 21, 2011 (Video)

June 02, 2011:  Kreider Farms Dehydrated Home Garden Manure Project (Video)

June 02, 2011:  Kreider Farms Community Well Water Project (Video)

June 02, 2011:  Kreider Farms 360 Panoramic Tour (Video)

April 27, 2011: Top chef's endorse Kreider Farms products (PDF)

February 28, 2011:  Supermarket News: Eco-Friendly Lawn Care (PDF)

November 10, 2010: Bion Groundbreaking release (News Video)

November 10, 2010: Bion Groundbreaking release (PDF)

August 2010: State of the Art Chicken Houses (PDF)

July 21, 2010: Fresh Air Kids Visit Kreider Farms (News Video)

May 07, 2010:  Protecting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (PDF)

May 5, 2010: NJ Dept of Agriculture Tour of Kreider Farms (PDF)

May 3, 2010: Kreider Farms Introduces a Superior Manure Fertilizer for Gardeners  (PDF)

November 9, 2009: Kreider Farms Honored by Pennsylvania Restaurant Association with Esteemed Industry Award: Excellence in Food Safety  (PDF)

November 9, 2009: Out and about with Kreider Farms with ABC27 (News Video)

June 9, 2009: Kreider Farms Earns Influential Safe Quality Food (SQF) Certification  (PDF)

State of the art Kreider Farms chicken house featured on WGAL  (News Video)

February 1, 2009:  Steel rules new roosts at Kreider Farms Latest technology boosts henhouse safety & sanitation

January 28, 2009:  Bion Announces PENNVEST Board Approves $7.8 Million Financing for Kreider Farms Dairy Project (PDF)

January 22, 2009: Quick Chill Process at Dairy Farm Improves Milk Taste and Quality  (Video)

January 22, 2009:  Quick Chill Process at Dairy Farm Improves Milk Taste and Quality  (PDF)

October 10, 2008:  Kreider Farms Announces Waste Treatment and Renewable Energy Facility (PDF)

July 2, 2008: Kreider Farms Hosts Fresh Air Kids (News Video)

Kreider Farms Wins "Family Farm Environmental Excellence Award"   -  At its national convention in Atlanta, the U.S. Poultry & Egg Association presented Ron Kreider with this national award for innovative waste management.

January 10, 2007: June is National Dairy Month: MOOO'VE Over Mega Dairies! (63KB)  (PDF)

Egg News

August 10, 2011:  Power breakfasts loaded with protein and fiber start school year right (PDF)

March 16, 2011:  New USDA study - Eggs 14% less cholesterol (PDF)

Weight Loss Tips Using Eggs  (PDF) - Forget the egg and grapefruit diet, new research shows you could lose 2lb a month just by eating eggs for breakfast.

The Growth of Breakfast  (PDF) - Touted as the most important meal of the day, breakfast has been getting a lot of attention in the food industry lately, especially from fast-food restaurant chains serving breakfast sandwiches and premium coffee.

Interesting Egg Trivia  (PDF)

Environmentally Responsible Agriculture

Time Magazine: Is Local Food Going Mainstream?  (PDF)