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Kreider Farms 80th Anniversary Special Section
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From standard whites to brown organic, Kreider Farms is your source for all your high quality fresh shell egg needs. We offer egg packaging in pulp, foam, plastic and bulk pack trays. Our Kreider Farms brand is available to all customers and we offer a private label program for larger chain accounts.
Kreider Farms Carton Eggs Product List

eggsStandard White: Our standard white eggs are produced in new state-of-the-art caged housing that provide more space and better ventilation; Belt systems remove manure and prevent flies from breeding in the environment.  These new cage systems are also classified as enrichable.  “Enrichable” means they can be modified into semi and full colony systems.  In fact, we already opened up most of our new cages into either double wide or quad housing.  So not only are our new cage systems far advanced versus conventional cage systems, our double wides and quads are unique among other new cage systems around the country. See a video clip on our chicken cam page for a look inside a caged house.

Kreider Super Jumbo Eggs
Our super jumbo eggs are even bigger than our regular jumbo eggs and many of them are double yolks!
Super Jumbo Eggs

Kreider Best Eggs
Kreider's Best Fortified Eggs

Kreider's Best Eggs

Kreider Farms New line of Cage Free Brown Eggs:
NOAH'S Pride Cage Free

NOAH'S Pride Cage Free Brown Eggs


Noah's Pride Cage Free Brown: Our new state-of-the-art cage free aviaries will opened in Noah's Pride Cage Free Brown EggsNovember 2015. 


Noah's Pride Cage Free Organic Brown:
Must be certified organic by an accredited certifier to be labeled ‘Organic’. Typically brown Rhode Island Red brown feathered birds, organic birds must be cage free and must be fed organic feed.
Cage free Organic Brown Eggs

See a video clip on our chicken cam page for a look inside a cage-free house.