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Kreider's offers the following retail egg products

From standard whites to brown organic, Kreider Farms is your source for all your fresh shell egg needs. We offer egg packaging in pulp, foam, plastic and tray sleeves. Our Kreider Farms brand eggs are available to all customers and we offer a private label program for larger chain accounts.

eggsStandard White: Standard white eggs from traditional caged layer houses. Caged housing offers a healthy environment of protection and a clean food supply free from waste material. Additional animal husbandry guidelines and third party auditing has made the cage environment standards much more uniform. See a video clip on our chicken cam page for a look inside a caged house.

Brown: Brown eggs come from Rhode Island Red brown chickens in traditional caged layer houses or cage free. Other than the shell color, white and brown eggs are the same.

Organic: Must be USDA certified organic to be labeled organic. Typically brown, must be cage free, and the birds are fed organic feed.

Cage Free: These are standard white or brown eggs, but the chickens are housed without cages. See a video clip on our chicken cam page for a look inside a cage-free house.

Free Range: Basically the same as cage free but with “outdoor access” usually through a sort of doggy door out into a penned area. Most chickens in a free range environment will stay inside with their food and water supply.

Omega: These are standard white eggs, but the birds are fed a diet rich in flax seed or fish oil to add the omega component.